Booking Terms & Conditions

Definitions: “NewryCBC”, “NCBC” and “Newry Conference Centre” mean Newry Conference & Banqueting Centre, Newry. “Hirer” means the organisation, company or individual hiring the NewryCBC facilities, and whose name appears on the Booking Form.

a) The NewryCBC hires its rooms and facilities for use by commercial, educational, professional,
cultural or social organisations and by individuals for private functions, but reserves the right to refuse any application without stating a reason.
b) Upon request, the Hirer must provide details of the organisations which they represent, the nature of
the event to be held and the names of any guest speakers or exhibitors.
c) Representatives and Officers of the NewryCBC have the right of access to all the premises throughout the period of hire.
d) The NewryCBC reserves the right to terminate the hire and use of the premises and facilities
immediately if at any time it appears that the premises and/or facilities are being used for a purpose or in a manner which is unlawful, unsafe or which unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of neighbouring premises.
e) Specifications of all facilities provided by the NewryCBC at the time of booking may be
subject to alteration or cancellation at short notice depending upon the academic and operational needs of the NewryCBC.
f)  The NewryCBC premises must not be used for advertising purposes unless prior written
permission has been obtained from the NewryCBC.
g) The Hirer must obtain written permission from the NewryCBC in advance before any outside contractors are allowed onto the premises.
h) Residential Accommodation, where booked, will be available from 2-00pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.
i)  No animals or pets of any kind (with the exception of personal assistance dogs) are allowed onto the
NewryCBC premises.

a) Provisional bookings must be confirmed within 14 days by returning a completed, signed Booking Form and enclosing a non-refundable 10% deposit.
b) Any booking not so confirmed will be removed from the diary.
c) Final numbers to be charged (unless increased) will be those confirmed ten days prior to the start date of the booking.
d) In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, the following charges will apply:

Cancellation PeriodCancellation Charges
6 months or more in advance of the start of the eventLoss of deposit
Between 2 months and 6 months in advance of the start of the event25% of the estimated value of the event
Between 2 weeks and 2 months in advance of the start of the event50% of the estimated value of the event
Less than 2 weeks before the start of the event100% of the estimated value of the event

a) Activities must be properly supervised at all times
b) Copyright work or works, musical, literary or dramatic events must not be performed without the consent of the copyright owner. Hirers must comply with the rules of the Performing Rights Society Ltd.
c) No food, wines, spirits or beverages may be brought onto the NewryCBC premises by Hirers or
their guests/customers for consumption on the premises. In exceptional circumstances permission may be given for this, but a corkage charge will apply.
d) Gambling in not permitted on the NewryCBC premises.

a) The maximum capacity approved at the time of booking for a particular function or event must not be exceeded. The Hirer is responsible for establishing processes to ensure this.
b) Exits, including emergency exits, must be kept clear and unlocked at all times. Fire fighting equipment and fire detection systems must not be tampered with.
c) Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.
d) The Hirer must carry out a full risk assessment in advance of the event.
e) Any portable electrical equipment brought onto the NewryCBC premises must be certified as
having undergone a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) within the last twelve months or be proven to be less than twelve months old.
f) The NewryCBC must agree to any externally arranged entertainment.
g) Hirers must comply with the NewryCBC’s Health & Safety policies, practices and procedures at all times.

a) The Hirer will be responsible for making good and shall indemnify the NewryCBC in respect of all costs, loss or damage including, but not limited to loss or damage to property, death or personal injury consequent upon the use of the NewryCBC premises by persons attending the Hirers meeting,
event or function or from the Hirers failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, except where the loss or damage to property or persons is caused by the negligence of the NewryCBC.
b) The Hirer accepts responsibility for and shall provide the necessary insurance cover to indemnify the
NewryCBC against all claims and shall produce the relevant policy to the NewryCBC on demand;
i)  for loss or damage to the premises and their contents occupied or used during the period of hire where such loss or damage is caused by or occurs as a result of any actions or omissions of the Hirer, his servants, contractors, licensees or invitees.
ii) made by the Hirer against the Hirer, his contractors, licensees or invitees arising from loss or damage to property or bodily injury to the Hirers.

a) Specific responsibilities apply to any hire of The Venue.
b) The Venue Booking Form/Terms and Conditions Form must be completed for every booking.


NewryCBC takes all reasonable steps to provide and maintain a safe and healthy campus for staff, students and visitors.
You also have a duty of care for yourself and those working with you. This duty of care is increased where young persons are concerned. Consequently, the NewryCBC requires you to ensure that you are familiar with the relevant information on Health & Safety and Fire Precautions in the area(s) that you are using.

•    Fire procedure instructions are posted in all rooms.
•    A list of First Aid trained personnel, their location and their times of duty is located in the main reception.
Organisers may wish to bring their own First Aid staff dependent upon the size and type of the event.

Prior to each session, you should
•    Complete a general risk assessment.
•    Ensure that you have a list of delegates/attendees to act as a fire register.
•    Explain to your group where to find the NewryCBC Health & Safety Policy and the First Aiders on duty.
•    Show the group the nearest call point to raise the alarm in the event of a fire.
•    Explain the evacuation route in the event of the fire alarm sounding.
•    Explain to your group that smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Should an incident (or near miss) occur which you feel is sufficiently serious to notify NewryCBC management, please ask the porter on duty for an incident form. This will be circulated for action within 24 hours.